Tanveer. 16. England.
I'm a perfectionist, a procrastinator, and at times a bit of a smartass. I have OCD. I breathe music. I believe in karma and that things happen for a reason. I try to end each day as if it were my last.
I'm an odd person. A bit too 'awk, a bit too self-conscious and a bit too insecure.
I like Madina Lake, sleep and sleeping in, taking loads of pictures, the colour grey, playing/making/listening to music, storms, Jack's Mannequin, the internet, reading, web design, staying at home, art, messy hair and headbands, writing lists, floral prints, wooden beads and plaited bracelets, misfits, slow acoustic songs, drinking water, harry potter, skins, sunsets, the night sky, the aurora borealis, thye catcher in the rye + nic etc
I'm scared of insects and creepy crawlies and huge heights that look unsafe. I'm scared of growing up and leaving but at the same time can't wait.
I wish I was Peter Pan.

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